About Us

Founded in 1982, Kids ‘n Kamp (now known as Childhood Cancer Family Connection) started with a camp for kids with cancer.  In spending time with and talking to families affected by childhood cancer, it became clear that there was a deeper need for emotional, social and financial help in addition to time together as a family and away from the hospital.


Beverly Circone, Founder and Trustee, is the first person people call when they have good news and also when they have bad news, say those who benefit from the organization she founded in 1982 to support the families of children with cancer.

Circumstances conspired in a way that did not seem coincidental to Beverly when she and her husband, Nick — who was then recuperating from cancer he was not expected to survive — watched the CBS show Sunday Morning, in which Charles Kuralt visited a camp for children with cancer. “Nick and I knew immediately this was what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives.”  Email Beverly

Kellie Cotter, joined the staff in September 2012 after raising her 4 daughters and owning a small business.

Kellie’s grandson, Payton, was born in 2004 and diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at 2 days old.  After 2 surgeries and 4 rounds of chemo before he was 6 months he is now a cancer survivor, athlete and big brother. Being a cancer patient grandparent (Nana), Kellie learned to deal with the realities of childhood cancer and supported Erynn (Payton’s mommy) while continuing to raise 3 younger daughters that were still in school. She greatly appreciates the heart that CCFC has for the siblings and grandparents.

“Cancer affects not only the patient but everyone in the family, especially those closest to the one with the disease,” she says.  Kellie feels so very blessed to have found a place to “work” that gives her a deeper sense of purpose and ability to give back to families such as her own. Email Kellie

Carroll Hinton, Executive Assistant joined us in February of 2014 as a part-time staff.  She was previously a ‘professional’ volunteer for CCFC after retiring from her 30 year career with the State of Ohio.

Carroll is also one of our cancer moms. Andrew, her son, was diagnosed at the age of 2 1⁄2 years with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He received 3 years of chemotherapy and some radiation and is now an adult.

“Kids ‘n Kamp (CCFC) was a blessing to Andrew and me at the time of his diagnosis and I’m grateful for having the opportunity to work for this awesome organization and the wonderful families.”  Email Carroll

“You guys made life with leukemia suck less and I cannot even begin to think of how to repay you.”  Gordon