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Kids ‘n Kamp relies solely on the contributions of our generous community and individual donors.



Our programs are uniquely designed to benefit the cancer child, siblings and parents – emotionally, socially and educationally. We provide academic tutoring, family counseling and parent support programs that help the family face some of the challenges and stress they experience when they are in treatment or transitioning back to home or school life.


Kids ‘n Kamp relies solely on the contributions of our community, corporate and individual donors and fundraising initiatives. Until there is a cure, the needs of our families continues to grow.


Our activities are designed to help the family engage in special time together outside of the hospital while also having the opportunity to socialize with others who are experiencing life with a childhood cancer diagnosis.

Until there is a cure, we help families battling childhood cancer now.

More about us...

  • Since 1982, Kids ‘n Kamp has been supporting families affected by pediatric cancer.
  • Kids n’ Kamp is devoted to the emotional, social and educational needs of children with cancer and their families.
  • All our programs are free to families and are uniquely designed to benefit the cancer child, siblings and their parents.

  • Kids ‘n Kamp is the only local charity who embraces the entire family during, and long after, their cancer journey – offering a care that never quits.

What our families say

How has Kids 'n Kamp helped your family?

"You guys made life with leukemia suck less and I cannot even begin to think of how to repay you."
- Gordon
"You guys are a blessing in so many ways! Thank you for loving our families!"
- Amanda
"Thank you for the tickets to Kings Island, our family enjoyed it so very much. We haven’t had much fun or family time together since we lost our sweet Ashlea Nicole. I thought it would be so wrong to do something like this without her...I have realized it is ok and life goes on. Thank you for that.”
Love, The Veyon Family

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Until we find a cure, YOU can provide hope to a family fighting the battle.